Choose Your New Customer Starter Package


$ 499
  • Counselor Portal Subscription
  • 10 Assessments
  • 30-Minute Onboarding Session


$ 1,298
  • Counselor Portal Subscription
  • 50 Assessments
  • 1 Live Training Session


$ 3,298
  • Counselor Portal Subscription
  • 200 Assessments
  • 1 Live Training Session

Plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time.
Additional assessments and training sessions available for purchase on-demand. 

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Package Details

Here’s what you’re buying, what it costs to renew, and how you get access to more of what you need.

Feature Timeframe Description
Counselor Portal
Annual subscription - see package pricing above. Base price: $299/year.
We will contact you in 12 months to renew. If you choose not to renew, your account will be inactive. Inactive accounts can no longer be accessed, but any unused assessments and all previous records can be accessed again through renewal.
Annual subscription with additional purchases available on-demand - see price table below.
Assessments are included as part of your package. Your annual renewal includes additional Assessments as per the quantity listed in your subscription package above. You can purchase additional assessments at any time at the price listed in the table below.
Counselor Training & Coaching
$199 per session.
We provide onboarding and ongoing training for career counselors new to our product.

Assessment Price Table

Used up all your assessments? Buy more at any time as long as your annual Counselor Portal subscription remains active.

# of Assessments Cost per Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I prefer to talk to an account representative or order via invoice using another payment method?
As always, you’re welcome to contact your account representative or email us at and an account representative will get in touch. You can also call us at (800) 874-5387
What if I want to order CareerScope, but the quantities above don’t meet my needs?

We can customize! Email us at and an account representative will get in touch.

Will I be able to view my order history and manage my subscription online?

Yes you can. When you enter your credit card to checkout, first time ONLINE buyers will be asked to create a password for your CareerScope Billing Account. After you complete your first online order, you’ll be able to manage your subscription, order more assessments or training sessions, or cancel your subscription prior to your next annual renewal. By the end of Q2 2024, this Billing Account password will retire and you will be able to use your primary Counselor Portal Login to access online ordering.


What if I encounter a problem with this online ordering platform, can someone help me?
Yes, this is a new online ordering platform, and we anticipate there will be some issues across browsers, devices, and platforms. We hope that if you have any problems, that you will send us an email at and our technical team will contact you right away.